Merry Christmas from The Leopard

Have a poetic Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Paul Fox

Paul Fox

Paul Fox will be launching his latest collection at The Leopard pub in February – at our second Stanza event of 2014. Let him drum us out of 2013 with his poem The Little Drummer Boy on the first Christmas.



The Little Drummer boy on the first Christmas

(The Innkeeper’s wife looks out and speaks…)

When you said they could sleep in our stable,
Did they mention who else they were bringing?
I think they’ve had wine – but they didn’t buy mine
And now there’s a bunch of them singing.
Well it looks like a fancy-dress party
There’s a gang of them – all wearing wings,
Some common folk dressed up as shepherds.
And three old gits dressed as three kings.
Now another one’s come – it’s a kid with a drum,
His mother must know a few tricks –
If your kid wants a drum – there’s a clear rule of thumb
You make sure he has no drum sticks.
Oh it must be young Jacob, the baker’s son
I’ve just heard him shout,- “Pa, wrap up a bun!”

Paul adds: You may need to repeat the last four words several times before the true impact of this poem strikes you.

Well, I got it the first time … but if you do say it over and over it becomes something of an ear-worm.

IMGL_0043Meanwhile, Christmas came early for Phil Williams, one of the Stoke Stanza regulars with first prize in the High Sheriff’s Cheshire Prize for Literature.

The prize was awarded by Roger McGough who had been guest poet and judge at the Alsager Poetry Competition at the town’s Summer Festival. Phil had organised that, and in a wierd twist of fate, he found himself receiving the prize this time round.

Phil’s winning poem, The Elvis Shed, will appear in an anthology published by the University of Chester in the spring along with poems by around 30 other entrants. More here.

Peace and goodwill to all.

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I am a member of the Stoke Stanza of The Poetry Society and run a bi-monthly Poems & Pints event in Alsager.
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