Happy New Year from The Leopard

Staffordshire Poet Laureate (1)

As the festive season continues, we extend a warm invitation to the next Stanza at The Leopard, Burslem.

Tom Wyre, current Staffordshire Poet Laureate will be with us at 7.30pm on Tuesday 21st January 2014.

Tom’s visited several times and we are delighted that he’ll be with us to give a full reading of his exciting and engaging work.

Tom Wyre

Tom Wyre

Tom Wyre is the current Staffordshire Poet Laureate and a prize recipient of the Walsall Mayor’s Poetry Awards. He has performed at many festivals and notable open mic events across the UK and performed at the prestigious O’Bheal poetry event held in Cork, Ireland in July this year. He highlights worthy causes through the use of poetry and stagecraft when a guest performer at charity events.


A book of new work complete with CD called Through The Lucid Door was published in July 2013.

Tom Wyre black and white

Tom Wyre in Film Noir mode …

Tom was born in Bloxwich and works as a GM for a local steel forge. He has ‘an all encompassing passion for poetry, the written word and creativity in all its forms.’ Tom describes himself as an ‘instinctive writer, painting words with “ideas from my belly.”‘

His work is lively and bursts with rhyme, rhythm and alliteration. You can hear for yourself at The Leopard on 21st January.

There’ll also be an opportunity for people to bring and discuss their own poems. All welcome, admission free.


About theleopard66

I am a member of the Stoke Stanza of The Poetry Society and run a bi-monthly Poems & Pints event in Alsager.
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One Response to Happy New Year from The Leopard

  1. Mike Fuller says:

    Hi Tom,

    I am awake at night, which is for me not unusual, and I thought as I am a poetry fan ( but not a poet, although I am a prolific writer of rubbish I torture people with ) I’d send you something. Since you say you like all creative writing here is a lyric by Paul Simon, which was written as a present for Leonard Bernstien, which he included in his Mass ( 1971 ).

    “And half of the people are stoned
    And the other half are waiting for the next election.
    And half the people are drowned
    And the other half are swimming in the wrong direction.

    As I have mentioned in a comment to Geoff tonight, much further down the blog. I think the great thing about all art is there is no right or wrong!!! You don’t have to tear your hair out as why you like it!!! You just do!!! Also I think another great thing is, all good art is difficult!!! Otherwise art wouldn’t exist!!!

    Please see this message as just a bit of something between friends!!!

    All The Best over Christmas!!! And for the New Year!!!
    Keep Truckin’
    Cheers – Mike ( Fuller )

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