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Grevel Lindop poet and literary critic

Grevel Lindop

Just a reminder, folks, that the next Poetry Stanza at the Leopard pub in Burslem will be on Tuesday March 22nd at 7.30pm, when we welcome Grevel Lindop once again. He will read from his most recent collection, Luna Park published last Autumn to great acclaim by the Carcanet Press. Copies will be on sale at the reading (£9.99). Please bring your own poems to share and discuss in the second half of the evening.

Visit his blogsite:

Gill McEvoy

On Tuesday April 19th Gill McEvoy will read at the Leopard Stanza. She has recently won the prestigious Michael Marks Award for Poetry Pamphlets for The First Telling (Happenstance). Gill is a former Poetry Society Stanza rep for Cheshire, and her poem Exorcising the Chemotherapy Wig was published in Poetry News in 2007.

Judges’ Comments: “We admired the way this pamphlet deals not just with trauma and its aftermath, but with the difficulty of articulating what has happened, the challenge of finding the right words. Form and content mesh together perfectly in poems that use the power of silence as well as the power of language.”

Looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday, March 22nd.

Meanwhile, to keep you going, here’s a tender Potteries poem from ‘Milton Shaw’.


Greater than three points earned.
More fun than bawdy terrace chants.
Joy deeper than Charlie’s pin-point pass.
This game of life finally felt alight.
To sit next to you, joke with you delight in Delilah’s choir with you.
I allowed myself to be exactly what I am; for you, your father and you to me, my son.

Bereft of healing by my leave.
Your trust was all but gone.
Lately you returned your belief in me.
Your faith has seen just what I am: for you a father and you to me, my son.

Greater than the three points earned.
More fun than bawdy terrace chants.
At last I know what’s been returned; to you, your father and you to me, my son.

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About theleopard66

I am a member of the Stoke Stanza of The Poetry Society and run a bi-monthly Poems & Pints event in Alsager.
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3 Responses to More Poetry from The Leopard

  1. Mike Fuller says:

    Is Life Worth Living? ( Extract )

    Is life worth living? Yes, so long
    As Spring revives the year,
    And hails us with the cuckoo’s song,
    To show that she is here;
    So long as May of April takes,
    In smiles and tears, farewell,
    And windflowers dapple all the breaks,
    And primroses in the dell;
    While children in the woodlands yet
    Adorn their little laps
    With ladysmock and violet,
    And daisy chain their caps;
    While over orchard daffodils
    Cloud-shadows float and fleet,
    And ousel pipes and laverock trills
    And young lambs buck and bleet;
    So long as that which bursts the bud
    And wells and tunes the rill,
    Makes springtime in the maiden’s blood,
    Life is worth living still.

    Alfred Austin ( 1835 – 1913 )

  2. Mike Fuller says:

    A College Girl’s Room, 1969

    A room filled with sea shells
    And the scent of lavender,
    With a picture of Jesus
    And Simon and Garfunkel album covers
    On the wall.
    And her coffee drunk
    In platonic company,
    And talk of Vietnam.
    And she sits by the window working
    As sun and rain pass by outside.
    And her essays lie scattered on her table
    And her literary aspirations
    Lie in her notebooks
    On her overcrowded shells.
    And on a Saturday
    She takes the bus to daddy’s house.
    And sometimes she brings a friend or two,
    And they sit outside in the garden
    And sip sweet white wine.
    Then back in her room again
    As the sun shines into her world,
    She feels glad to be a student.

    Mike Fuller ( 2010 )

    • Mike Fuller says:

      This poem was inspired by the ‘Dangling Conversation’ ( 1966 ) by Paul Simon ( b.1941 ) performed originally by Simon and Garfunkel. In the poem above it should read “On her overcrowded shelves.” And not “,,,overcrowded shells.”

      Cheers – Mike.

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